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Concept, Camera, Editing: Der Mann an der Spitze (Man at the Forefront), 80 min, videodocumentation on the stage director and actor of the Nestroy Spiele Schwechat (will be released in 2015)



Urban Nature, video, 16 min, A 2009
Nin’s Archiv [Nin´s Archive], video,- computer-installation within the theatre production eS-E-iX by Lilly Axster (nominated for Stella 2007 – Austrian Award for Innovative Theatre Productions for Children), together with Helga Hofbauer, Dschungel / Museumsquartier, Vienna 2006-07
Losing Time, Video-performance together with Katharina Bamberger within “Wien umgehen“, Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna 2002
On_off. Eine Raumstudie mit drei Performerinnen und einer Videokamera” [On_off. A Study on Space with Three Performers and One Video-camera], Video-performance together with Katharina Bamberger and Veronika Zak, WUK-Projektraum, Vienna 2001
Waterfronts, Video, produced within the context of “Architektur und Film; Biennale on media and architecture“ 1999 - Urban Nature, (60 min) USA/A 1999
move.less.icon, video-installation within the exhibition “Pictureboard. Positions between Film and Visual Arts,” WUK-Museum, Vienna 1997.
Textfilm. Plötzlich auftretende Stille [Textfilm. The Sudden Incidence of Silence], video, together with Thomas Northoff, produced within the series “Text und Film,” curated by Moucle Blackout, 12 min, Vienna 1997
Blanc et rouge [White and Red], video-installation, within the group exhibition „X-Location – 6 Videoinstallationen“, curated by Anna Steininger, OK-Linz 1994.
Ragazzi con Jukebox [Youth with a Jukebox], video 16 min; video-installation; together with Sabine Marte, produced within the symposion “Il Futuro della Memoria”, Civitella d´Agliano, Italy 1993
CRIMINI, video,11 min, A 1992; released at the Diagonale Festival 1993
Art Protects, video, 15 min; produced within the competition„Art Protects Rainforest“, 1993
Present, video, 19 min, A 1992; released at the Videoforum Freiburg 1993
Lichtbild [Slide], installation, University of Applied Arts, Vienna 1988
Das Innerste ist außen [Inside is Outside], installation, University of Applied Arts, Vienna 1988
1m3 Kunstraum [1m3 Art in Space], installation and performance within the art symposion “Das Nackte,” Vienna 1987



The War Against the "Inferior"- Spiegelgrund Survivors Speak Out, Video Exhibit, Concept by Herwig Czech; Visual concept, Camera, Editing by Bernadette Dewald; Memorial Steinhof, opened in 2012
Visible, a video-edition on ten female survivors of Ravensbrück, together with Marika Schmiedt, based on material of the VideoArchive Ravensbrück (Interviews by Helga Amesberger, Brigitte Halbmayr and Hemma Mayrhofer), A 2009
Mauthausen erzählen [Narrating Mauthausen], video-exhibition, -installation, together with Gerhard Botz (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Of Contemporary History, Vienna), Helga Amesberger, Brigitte Halbmayr (Institute Of Conflict Research, Vienna), Christian Sturmberger and others; Vienna / BesucherInnenzentrum Mauthausen 2003.
Vom Leben und Überleben [About Living and Survival], video-documentation, together with Gerda Klingenböck A 2003, released at the Diagonale Festival 2003
Wer wird mir helfen? Kärntner Sloweninnen erzählen [Narrations of Carinthian Slovenian Women], video-documentation, together with Gerda Klingenböck A 2000, released at the Diagonale Festival 2001
Videoarchiv Ravensbrück [Videoarchive Ravensbrück], together with Gerda Klingenböck, Tina Leisch, Gundula Daxecker, (Interviews: Helga Amesberger, Brigitte Halbmayr a.o.), A 1998-99



Dramaturgy Counselling, Photography, Editing: MARA, Different Faces of an Anti-Diva, A 2013, 90 min videodocumentation on the filmmaker, paintress and performance artist Mara Mattuschka by Si.Si Klocker, released at Viennale 2013
Editing: Der Ausstieg [Back Out], videodocumentation by Si.Si Klocker, 80 min, A 2010
Camera, Postproduction: Grenzgängerinnen [Across the Borders], video-documentation by Ülcü Akbaba, 70 min, A 2008, released at the Diagonale Festival 2008.
Editing: Die Frau, die Arbeit, die Kunst und das Geld [On Women, Labour, Arts and Money], videodocumentation by Si.Si Klocker, 80 min, A 2007, released at the Diagonale Festival 2008.
Camera: Arbeitstraum. Eine kollektive Dokumentation. [Visions of Labour. A Collective Documentation]. video-documentation by Vlatka Frketic, Cristiane Tasinato, Débora Leao Bastos, Florina Platzer and others, A 2006.
Editing: Museum der revolutionären Traditionen [Museum of Revolutionary Traditions], cinematic draft by Katharina Struber and Helga Hofbauer, 16 min, A 2004.


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