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CRIMINI, Video Hi8 11 min, A 1993
is an assembly of a casual record of some scenes from a crime movie from 1964 - "Marked Eyes" (Les yeux cernés) von Robert Hossein – combined with private visual material. By means of repeated analogue processing the relation between the two female protagonists increasingly self-displays as an endless movement between jealousy and suspense. Feedbacks fan out the image on the monitor, amplifying directions of movements and providing them with a multiplied “shadow”. Associatively integrated personal sequences emphasize the scenes shaping as well as the sound a kind of footnotes, cross-references for the reception of the crime thriller: On the one hand the used elements mark the film as a crime story, on the other hand the spectators draw their suspense from the fulfilled assignment to the genre. The “image behind the image” is a visual counterpart of this process: The shadow does not show a secret or a hidden answer, it displays just an obviously repeated image.

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