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Videoarchiv Ravensbrück, erstellt 1988/89 von Gundula Daxecker, Bernadette Dewald, Gerda Klingenböck und Tina Leisch

Within the years 1998/99 the project team gathered in an interdisciplinary collaboration with the social scientists Helga Amesberger and Brigitte Halbmayr 34 video-interviews with Austrian survivors of NS-concentration camp Ravensbrück. The biographical-narrative interviews asked not only for the camp experiences – the whole life story was of interest. The process of memory was determined by the narrators and was meant be activated by at least two interviews.
The Videoarchive Ravensbrück aims at the preservation of visual documents of the survivor’s narrations and the transmission of its contents. The testimonials are to be expanded into the places of memory and intermediation. So far parts of the comprehensive compilation have been presented in several video-documentations and exhibitions..


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